a transformative art experience for artists and "non-artists"
(every body is an artist)
on this site
or in person / discovered
by Jennifer Wagner, artist for evolution, student of Jungian psychology
B.A. Interior Decoration
M.A. Deep Ecumenism (honoring each person's spiritual path)

Face-vase image


(Jennifer facing herself)

(all artwork on this site is completed beginning with tracings around peoples' heads)

for experiencing this art process!


Astrology, BHAGAVAD-GITA, Bible, Kabballah, Rumi, Tao Te Ching,Tarot, Viking Runes

Wisdom Systems and language selections will be added in the near future. Watch this space!


If you'd like, please contact me. I offer individual classes, appointments, and workshops, and I participate as a presenter at consciousness-raising and peace-making conferences.

I'd love to hear from you about your interests in life!








a 1997 article in The Association for Humanisitic Psychology's Magazine, ahp PERSPECTIVES


This site updated 04/28/2018