Dorcey Hadley: Taking your art class has had an effect. I have been ill and along with the other diagnostic readings I've had, the practice of doing the faces reveals so much to me. It validates the work I know I must do with myself to grow stronger. I shared your method with a 6th grade teacher who did the exercise with her class. I saw their work and found it amazing. These kids are fortunate because they can continue this life long. Thank you for sharing your 'discovery'."

Paul Nelson : "I want to thank you for facilitating the "Art as Meditation" process we had recently. It was quite an experience! I believe that you have created a process that helps people get into their "right" brain quite naturally. I did not think of myself as much of an artist, but the painting I created through your technique is on my wall. The process helped me get in touch with a facet of myself that was hidden, but is now coming out to stay! I am writing poetry and am feeling good about myself and my life. It may not all be because of your process, but it was quite an experience and I hope to do it again someday.

Sylvan Henoch : "This process is a very creative, direct and powerful way to access new information from the subconscious. My experience of this process has been very satisfying, to a deep place in me wanting expression. I love surprises and this process is full of surprise - and a lot of fun too! I always feel empowered to discover a new aspect of my being of which I was previously not aware."