a message from Jennifer Wagner:

In this swiftly changing and stressfully overwhelming world, it is deeply supportive to touch a deep level of self-recognition and nourishing acknowledgement of one's life as meaningful. In this art process, you will find a simple, engaging, fun and profoundly valuable confirmation of the magic of the unfolding of your inner and outer life! Different each time you complete a set of these drawings, you will find affirmation of the story you are authoring - as your life's personal journey is unfolding. Enjoy discovering this technique, for yourself! Make time for an uninterrupted, silent hour or so, in which to experience the magic of this deceptively simple, quite immediately engaging, and often transformative process! Adventuring inward through this technique, you may newly mirror familiar and find new - perceptions of your personal journey! By creating a living face-vase image, you may find a sort of holy grail space within - and newly experience the tangible and intangible aspects of your inner and outer relationships. As in all relationships, there are the characters themselves - and their invisible field of interactions. It is in this invisible field of being where outer and inner transformations are created. In the face-vase, or grail image, the vase as an abundant receptor for change may be seen as a negative space. In Buddhism, negative space is called "ma" - and is understood to be pregnant. So, expect to find something new!
This is an every body as an artist, art-as-meditation process. Herein, often, 'non-artists' re-find themselves to be artists! Here, you may find surprising insights, resolutions, empowerments and inspirations for your highest wishes - and for the cooperative and discordant, inner and outer relationships of your life. Old and new energies astir in your psyche may gather at a new place. This new constellation may empower clarity and new action, as you author the story of your life.