Joan of Arc & Natay, Navajo Singer

reduced from life size - © Jennifer Wagner

Joan of Arc: I am so weary. I have done so much work, only to have nothing come of my dreams. I feel the pull of inner and outer negativity as an awful, downward drag. Do I have the energy to carry on, difficult as it will be? Or will I sacrifice my dreams?

Natay, Navajo Singer: Ah, as usual, Little Faith! Look, an insect flies here. You don't see before your nose this symbol you chose for wanting free flight. Keep going. Do what you can. Nature knows when to make fruit. At the proper time. Remember that best message the Bible said one time of no cheer: "Faith is the evidence of things not seen."

Integration/Holy Grail: How could I not continue the Quest to realize my highest dream given her sad look and his wise words.