Hatshepsut & Rayme

During the spring of 2001, when I completed this set of characters, I was studying the life of one of perhaps 3 Egyptian women Pharoah’s, King Hatshepsut. When I began to embellish the face on the left, I started with the aqua radiants, they became an energy field, in me. I began to think of Hatshepsut, whose life as a peaceful ruler is an inspiration. This painting captures the strength and regal posture, and royal ritual costume, of the impression Hatshupset had made on me. Just this year I’m entering studies of Mayan wisdom through The Temple of the Deer Wisdom, and find in Gilbert and Cotterell’s book, The Mayan Prophecies, that Hatshep’s legendary visit to the land of Punt may well have been to Latin America!

When I began to embellish the character on the right, I put an 8-pointed star as his eye, and thought of the 8-pointed star being the symbol of Christ. With his red beard, he looked Phoenician. In naming the characters, “Ray me!” was what came as a word for my request for a Blessing I needed and which I hoped they would impart. That summer, I met Eugenio Hernandez, who became an intimate friend. In Spanish, e is pronounced like the e in hey - a. In the Mexican culture, it is common for people who are intimate to call each other “Reina” and “Re” – queen and king – so I called him “mi Re” and thus Ray me’s portend was complete - his presence in my life, a Blessing……Amazing!

Integration/Grail. Before leaving in the winter of 2003, I asked a woman friend, Sylvan Henoch, who reads Akashic Records, about my visit with Eugenio to Mexico, as it pertained to my and Eugenio’s spiritual journeys. The Keepers of the Akashic Records relayed that Eugenio and I lived previous lives in Mexico, that we’d made a contract in that lifetime to meet in this, to bring each other to the the region’s ancient wisdoms. Only with Eugenio’s invitation I would ever have chosen to Mexico as my second international travel; without my interest in the Temple of the Deer Wisdom, Eugenio might never have seen the Mayan ruins!