Green Tara & Elegue, the African, Yoruba God

1993 - reduced from life size

These two characters reflect and celebrate characters from my Master's Project at Matthew Fox's ICCS, The Institute for Culture and Creation Spirituality. MISRAK was a live theater performance evening in which I reframed a numinous and invited fellow students, who shared personal works on stage.

The Green Tara: Gillian Bartley, a fellow student of Jungian Psychology, a lovely and wise woman from Sydney, Australia, was an inspirational support for my life at ICCS, for the project, and since. She and I met in the program and I wrote a piece about putting another project I completed in the program "in the hands of the Green Goddess Gillian", the part she then played in MISRAK. The only Green Goddess I know is the Green Tara from the Tibetan pantheon, from a book by author China Gilland about the Green Tara. The bee earring and seal reflect being inspired "to be" reaching grandly in my life.

Elegue, in the African, Oruba pantheon of gods is the "trickster". Here he wears a similarly black and red costume, and empowers belief in the layers of existance that propell us to the highest awareness and god self. He empowers the journe, and keeps the gates between coming and going. In MISRAK, I played this part as host. Here, Elegue's eyes are fried eggs, reflecting the maturization of my "being cooked" or seeing myelf as transformed, by the montage of wondiferous experiences that made up a healing and empowering year in this school.