Personal Experiences With This Process

Mary Paisley was born in Oklahoma, where her mother's family is of the Wichita Tribe; her father's family is Spanish. Mary is the single working mother of a daughter and two sons. Her career has been in real estate banking in San Diego and Seattle. Mary is a natural comedienne, has two beautiful cats, loves working with bonsai and flowers, and is in transition toward working full-time from her blis.

When she did this drawing Mary's daughter was in crisis. The figure on the right is Mary as Motherhood, strong and present to her daugher on the left. Mary's favorite flowers, Japanese Iris, are between the characters to show the beauty and love in which she holds their relationship

Maseko Nxumalo fled South Africa during the 1976 Soweto uprising. Maseko had been in exile 19 years when he completed this drawing in 1993, and he returned to South Africa that year. He was going back for the first time at the end of apartheid. Maseko hoped "for the country's short term a peaceful transition and understanding. That will enhance the long term. South Africa has only known violence; it is time to put down arms. Who can claim victory in any wars? Many people always die." Returning from the U.S. with an MBA and Certified Management Accountant studies, Maseko hoped to be a positive instrument to rebuild the South African economy.

After a short workshop, Maseko said the way he looked at the character he drew on the left was "...looking into the future. All the time I've been someone...when I do something it has to be meaningful as a contribution to the future. I didn't intend to draw something futurish; that is just what happened. But, it came deep from the heart...who I am, more like a visual part of myself. On the right.....this one, I don't know how to put - like not focusing, deep in thoughts. I don't know what I was thinking. I was always told I was serious and like to think. This one is like being alone, trying to analyze things I see in front of me, especially in the mountains. So this is when I like being alone and reflecting and thinking about any and everything. Putting together thinking in both ways has helped me focus on my goals."

Chato Pierides was born and raised in the Phillippines, the only Catholic nation in the Far East. She lives a life of many talents, including playing guitar, singing and dancing, and she enjoys astrology.

About her drawing, Chato said, "On the left is the basic, inquisitive part of myself. Behind this character the colors represent a simple directness. On the right is the more experienced part, more knowing, Colors behind this character represent more complex thought patterns. The middle of the drawing reflects communion of thoughts and feelings." To reflect on her drawing, Chato picked Tarot cards. For the left, The Fool; for the middle Justice; and for the right, The Lovers. About the experience, she wrote:

"In one's journey is a life of steps, passages with all its circled feelings and sounds. I am in a circle within circles dazzling in lights and one light brighter than the others. All in unison. Twirling and Twirling in circle and disappearing and all it becomes one speck of light shining brighter and brighter in my ever circling life."