Anthripa & Jewel

Anthripa: I am the student of the mysteries of which you are the mystress. I search through self-expression in the arts and in the story of the labyrinth to gain the comfort you have with yourself in the world. How can I achieve that for myself when I am as scattered in my interests as the number of jewels you wear in your snood?

Jewel: You, too, will learn how to hold all your jewel thoughts comfortably as I wear this jeweled snood. All your interests will come together to manifest something new, making small successes gather into the larger, even unseen, goal. Follow your heart and yet choose steps which focus your energy each time you move. That's the way to gather a snood-full of gems, my dear. For I am yourself in the future and look what peace I have won.

Holy Grail, Integration: My future draws me into the acts of today while the present and the future are paradoxically one.